Friday, January 20, 2017

Proper Pool Tile Cleaning Palm Desert CA Techniques

By Paul Hayes

A swimming pool may be as clean as possible, but with time the side tiles may start to lose their original color. They may look green due to algae trying to grow or appear slimy and produce some foul smell. This is all because of calcium, lime, and hard water deposits. But that does not mean they will never shine again because this article highlights the best way to carry out pool tile cleaning Palm Desert CA.

Several methods could be used to carry out this process in the city of Palm Desert CA. They include the use of chemicals, blasting and scrubbing. Use of chemicals causes less damage to the tiles while scrubbing and blasting might cause some little damage if the one carrying out the scrubbing and blasting is not experienced. It is, therefore, advisable to select the best method and hire the most qualified labor for the cleaning.

One should be very specific with the materials required to execute the washing process. The materials are ordered and purchased before the actual time of washing. Before they are purchased, one should have sought adequate information about them and know exactly how much of what is required. In the case of purchasing chemicals, their strength should be determined by the level of stains on the puddle walls.

When applying the blasting method, one should weigh which one is the best and most suitable. There are three forms namely; glass bead, soda and salt blasting. Blasting is environment-friendly, and no much pollution could be associated with it. When employed, there is no much possibility of scratches being left behind.

Manual scrubbing at times might result in scratches on the surface. But this might not be a problem if the skilled workforce is employed. When applying it, the water level in the pool has to be lowered. This is to allow for some space that will enable swift scrubbing. The gel is applied and left for 15 minutes before scrubbing and wiping with a cloth. The cloth should be rinsed in a bucket and not in the puddle.

Use of chemicals is a less tedious method. The choice should solely depend on how serious the puddle is stained. Serious stains require strong chemicals while less serious stains require less strong chemicals when washing. Other than purchasing the chemicals, home-made remedies could also be used, especially if the stains are less serious. The remedies are made from a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

When using at least each of the above methods, certain things should be considered, for instance, which method is most suitable, how expensive it is, how environment-friendly it is, how much labor will be required and how much time will be spent. After all the considerations are made, then the most suitable method should be chosen.

Finally, before hiring any cleaning company or individual, you should ensure they are qualified. They should be licensed to carry out the services so that the whole pool is not put at risk, which might breed skin infections such as skin cancer. The cost should also be considered.

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