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Important Information Concerning Macular Degeneration Treatment Washington DC

By Daniel Myers

Generally, there are so many people affected by vision problems in the world. There is another condition apart from cataracts and glaucoma that are commonly known to affect people. This is a condition caused by the deterioration or damage of the central portion of the retina. The retina is the back layer of the eye that records the images and sends them via optic nerve from the eye to the brain. The central portion of it is the macula which is responsible for focusing the central vision in the eye. This focus controls our ability to perceive things, read, and differentiate colors and faces as well as seeing clear visions. Therefore, Macular Degeneration Treatment Washington DC tries to come up with a solution for this type of problem.

Age is mostly associated with this condition. Many of the people affected by this condition are not young. It is divided into two types in regard to the causes and effects. The first type is known as dry AMD. This type is very common whereby out ten eight people will have dry AMD and the other two the wet AMD. This is caused by thinning of macula due to age and growth of drusen particles. This causes a person to start losing central focus.

Another form of the illness is referred to wet AMD. The condition is not popular but it is severe than the first type. It is brought by irregular blood vessels growing below the eye retina. This causes loss of blood and as a result, causes macula scarring. A patient with this condition is at a higher risk compared to a patient with dry AMD.

Many people do not realize that they are suffering from the condition until their visions become very blurry. Regular visits to an ophthalmologist are very important in order to diagnose the problem as early as possible. This condition develops in stages. The first stage is the early AMD followed by intermediate and then late. During the early stage, there is no sign of vision problem. It is mainly known for the presence of yellow deposits beneath the retina after diagnosis.

The second is the intermediate stage where there is the presence of medium size pigments growing under the retina when eye test and examination is carried out. But the signs at this stage has not also been evident. The late stage has signs visible that do not even require diagnoses to tell.

The medical researchers are still trying to ascertain what causes the disease but so far they have not been successful. There are, however, certain factors which can lead to contraction of the disease. A patient can get this disease from parents or environmental factors. However, the disease comes at old age. It affects people mainly who are past fifty years.

Other related issues include genetics where people from a family with this condition history are most likely to suffer. The race also is associated as Caucasians mostly suffer more than African-Americans or Latinos. Smoking also doubles the risk of one developing the problem.

Correction includes surgical operation by use of intense light beams to control bleeding vessels and growth tissue removal. AREDS formula is also used in order to prevent further disease progression. There is also use of corrective lenses for visual improvement.

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