Monday, March 26, 2018

You May Need A Day Porter Los Angeles Custodial Companies Offer

By Andrew Schmidt

You have already decided that your commercial building gets dirty every day. You have hired a cleaning company to come in each night and deep clean all areas. This is critical for keeping all trash, recyclables, and debris from taking hold and staying there. You may also need to have that vendor supply you with the day porter Los Angeles businesses appreciate.

The custodial company will come in and clean the restrooms, break areas, as well as the kitchens, used for your employees to ensure all of the many nooks and crannies are cleaned out. The dusting that is critical in all of the offices, manufacturing spaces and warehouses is accomplished. You do, however, need to keep those spaces clean and that is where a day porter come in.

The restrooms are used by your employees, your visitors and invited guest all day long. Contaminated trash is thrown away and debris is generated all over the floor and countertops. The paper towel dispenser, as well as soap and personal use items, need to be cleaned and replenished, daily. The spot cleaning of any walls and partitions must also take place. A porter in these rooms is critical for healthy conditions.

Kitchens that are part of the break areas must be kept clean and sanitized as well. This means that while your employees make use of these each break time, a day porter needs to follow up with the attention to detail that keeps these areas sanitized. The countertops, tables, chairs and refrigerators must be wiped down. The coffee service must also be cleaned and, in some cases, coffee made for the next crew coming in for a break.

There are many spaces you have that generate more trash than others. These trash cans must be emptied several times per day, as well. The recyclable containers, as well, must be kept free of material, along with the surrounding area. Some of these spaces are the offices and cubicles that need this special service.

You may actually have need of someone, during the day, to handle the extra dust load in your lobby. This would mean that, based on the number of your visitors, your trash and furniture should have professional attention. The smudges on the front glass will need additional help to make the best first impression you can make.

Conference rooms take a lot of work to stay as clean and as inviting as possible. The table will need dusting as well as chairs arranged for each meeting. The coffee service, both being cleaned as well as being stocked must be up to date and all condiments freshened up. This will include any display areas and quiet rooms.

All deep cleaning done in the evening is complete, thorough but does not last all the next day. The porters are there to make sure the deep cleaning does last as much as possible. Keeping everything clean, sanitary, safe and, most importantly, healthy is a critical role, so check with your normal cleaning company to see if they offer this service.

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