Monday, February 26, 2018

Live Your Dream Through Passive Residual Income

By Thomas Young

How nice would it be to sunbathe on a beach somewhere? To live the dream? To work as little as possible but still earn money? Passive residual income allows money without the tedious routine of a nine to five. There are two aspects to it. The first part is putting little to no effort and the other is having a lot left over after expenses and financial obligations. It could be anything from stocks to real estate. The model one chooses must provide the maximum amount of benefits with the least amount of work.

This source of funds accords one freedom. Freedom to do whatever one desires whenever they desire it. It allows one to sleep in when they want and enjoy time outside under the clear blue skies. With such a source of money, one can even take midday naps by the pool without batting an eye.

In some cases, just sitting around might get old quickly. In this case, they will have the time and finances to spread their wings. They choose to take risky steps towards expanding their current money streams. They can also choose to venture into new waters. The worst thing is that they lose the money, the best is they make more. Whatever happens, one will be as happy after as they were before.

Stress leads to many inconvenient and fatal situations like sickness and road accidents. Most of the stress that leads to these things is caused by work. One worries himself or herself sick that their salary will not cover their obligations this month or that they will be unable to meet their car payments. If that job is not the ultimate life mission then forget it. Skip out and start that barbershop or fruit stand. The key is keeping oneself happy. Having the time to care for the health and well being of the family.

A good percentage of the adults in the world dream of pretty basic things. A private school for their children. A house that has separate bedrooms for each child so they will stop sharing a mattress on the floor. Better medical cover for the family. New clothes and shoes. Others dream of helping the beggar around the corner or feeding a hungry homeless child. These can turn to realities with a little imagination and research.

The first thing to look for in a model is consistency. The model cannot flipflop. It pays out this month but next month is dry. One has to consider their reasons for needing the model. Only then can they make appropriate decisions.

Some models will yield returns for some years then reach a cap. If not careful, one can easily find themselves in a situation where their model does not bring in money anymore. The amount should also not dwindle as time goes by. In this case, one should think about their reason for looking at this model. Would they like to quit their day job at some point? Or is this just supplementary?

The best models are those that allow different ways to earn. Take a book, for example. Once one writes a book, they will earn royalties for a long time. They can still earn from making appearances. They can make money if their book is turned into a movie or play.

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