Sunday, March 24, 2019

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality Rendering

By Stephanie Gray

If you are a fan of playing video games or watching three dimensional movies in your favorite movie theater, then you might have heard about this latest technology. It might be familiar to you as a constant user of these devices but you would not have known about its advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will talk about the pros and cons of virtual reality rendering.

Playing video games all day and all night is a common hobby to almost all youth nowadays. This bad habit has been pretty much alarming to our teachers and parents as they constantly sought for ways to minimize them. As a matter of fact, these kids sometimes rebel with their parents for confiscating their gadgets.

As a result, you were no able to do your work assignments, help your family with the house hold chores and aside from that, it causes you too much stress. Three dimensional goggles cause harmful effects to your health especially your eyes. When you stress out your eyes, it affects the performance of your occipital lobe and would cause further health complications.

This breakthrough has astounded a lot of people because we were only used to watch 2D movies in our television. When this discovery gained its famer a few years ago, film makers were encouraged to apply this new technique to gain more viewers and customers. If you were to choose between a 2D image and a 3D image, you would probably choose the one that is concrete and more realistic.

There is also a negative correlation between academic standing and online gaming frequency. Universities that conducted this research have concluded that as the person spend longer hours of gaming, their academic performance is negatively affected and when the number of hours spent in gaming decreases, the academic standing increases. This study was very beneficial to educational institutions.

This allowed cinemas and theaters to gain more buyers because people have been intrigued about the feeling of being in a three dimensional world. Instead of spending thousands for a plane ticket, they only have to sit in the theater and take themselves into a whole new different world. Aside from that, these devices are also available in gadget shops and can be used at home.

Modern society has waited this technological breakthrough for a very long time. However, expected disadvantages were also monitored by government institutions and academic organizations. These devices are mostly applicable for those people who are already mature enough to manage their time and maintain the value of academics and family relationships.

This is very alarming to our youth because instead of instilling family values and good relationships, they prefer to indulge themselves more on these technologies. These innovations are well appreciated. However, we cannot easily heal the disadvantages because social media has been a great influence to the juveniles.

This is because they have seen a high demand in 3D movies and as a result they applied this latest invention to gain more viewers. This caused a dramatic increase in their sales. Since three dimensional viewing is more expensive than the two dimensional, their businesses have grown a lot. These innovations have caused a roller coaster ride in our society. It will be up to us how to use it and when to use it.

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