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Foreclosure Defense And Law In The State

By Amanda King

A person needs a home. For that to happen, you buy a house with the help of financing plans from financing institutions or lenders. You need to pay it regularly per month though. Otherwise, lenders will foreclose it leading you to have foreclosure defense PA attorneys.

The foreclosure has the same detailed features as care repossession. One similarity is that the house is not fully yours until you can pay lenders the full loan amount. Until then, the lenders still has the power to possess the property. When foreclosure occurs, the house is forced on sale as collateral on the loan you got. Lenders have to file complaints to the court first before they can proceed with it.

When approval is granted by the courts, the lenders can then send the letter of notice signaling the grace period of thirty days. During that time, if you still are not able to cure the default, then the payment will be accelerated. It means that the unpaid loan balance will immediately come due. To prevent that, you have to think of ways to resolve the situation at once.

Curing the default means paying the agreed amount on the negotiated contract. If you can do this, not only can you keep the house, you also keep the loan active until its full payment. You can prevent the foreclosure if you talk to a consumer credit counseling agency to help you find ways to resolve the payments.

To add, contained in the letter are the help and assistance they can give you while the foreclosure is happening. Written in there as well are the rights you have that the state of Pennsylvania mandated in its foreclosure law. Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program is one that you can help in providing financial assistance. Under this program is the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency where you send your application.

You can also opt to apply at foreclosure diversion programs. However, only selected counties have implemented this. The Pennsylvanian state has yet to implement this statewide. Through this, you and the lender will have conciliation discussions on your situation and any disputes.

Participating in any of these diversion programs will earn you several benefits. One of those is the non foreclosure solution you two come up with. It will make the lender agree if the terms have equal favors between you. Loss mitigation might even be considered by you during the discussions.

When you answer the notice, default judgment cannot be applied by the lender. It will be taken to the court to ask for a motion for summary judgment. In most cases, the court will favor the lender due to the lack of your defense. A notice of sale will then be passed giving the both of you time to have thirty days before the start of the sale.

Sheriffs sale is the place where the house will be sold. In the month long period, you are allowed to cure defaults on your loan. You can do so until one hour before it starts on the day of sale. When it is completed and closed, the right of redemption is no longer applicable. After the sale, lenders have until six months to file deficiency judgment against you in order to recover the deficiency amount.

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