Thursday, April 25, 2019

Guidelines For Commercial Concrete Staining Asheville NC

By Joshua Sullivan

Concrete floors tend to lose their aesthetic appeal when they stay for a long time without maintenance. Staining is the best solution for such issues since it provides a new coat for the concrete floor. There are some things that one should take note when considering such projects. This article offers a few guidelines for commercial concrete staining Asheville NC to think through.

Narrow down to the best stain. One can either decide on a water-based or acidic stain. Each type has its benefits and setbacks. For instance, the water-based kind offers a variety of colors to choose, but it requires additional surface preparation. The acidic type offers a remarkable earth tone but would take quite a lot of time to mix with the concrete.

Repair the flooring. Inspect the floor and identify gouges, sunken areas and deep cracks that need repair. Use a patching compound to fill these cracks using a trowel and allow it to dry for about one to four hours. Purchase a pre-mixed patching compound from a local hardware store and use the instruction provided on the mixture to achieve the best results.

Make the necessary preparation. You have to polish and clean the floor to make sure that it is ready for the staining process. Find an electric sander to polish the floor since it offers a better outcome compared with other devices. Focus on uneven surfaces before you attend to smoother areas. From that point, vacuum the surface and wash it with soapy water to completely remove the debris.

Determine whether to etch the surface or not. Etching provides a prior coat that helps the stain to infuse with the floor. Acquaint with the instructions provided on the etch label if you want to achieve the best results. Do not apply the etching product if the product you are about to use does not recommend its usage. Most etching products would require one to mix with warm water and one to use a stiff brush while scrubbing the floor.

Apply the stain. Ensure that your house has enough ventilation before you begin the staining process. Besides that, mix the dye with water according to the instructions on the label. Pump sprays are the best tools to use in this process. Apply the stain from the back of your room to your doorway to avoid trapping yourself to a corner. Finally, use overlapping strokes when applying the stain to get the best results.

Acquaint with various safety measures needed in the project. There are a lot of health risks related to the staining process. Therefore, you must get the right gears to protect yourself from the harmful effect of these chemicals. One must have a gas mask, a protective suit, a head cover, boots, and gloves. Besides that, leave your rooms open for five to six hours after the staining process to remove odor from the rooms.

Find a reliable contractor. A commercial stain project can end up affecting a business. Therefore, it needs someone who can handle the process within the shortest time possible and achieve the best results. So, getting the services of a professional staining contractor would save your business from a possible downfall if it remains closed for a long time.

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