Friday, July 12, 2019

Shocking Benefits Of Video Visitation For Inmates That You Never Heard

By Jason Moore

When people are incarcerated, they are entitled to remain in contact with their family and friends, that is why there are visitations. There are two types of visitations; there are online visitations and traditional visitation. The traditional type is where the family takes time to go to prisons to visit their loved ones. While the other, the people incarcerated communicate with their loved ones online. A lot of countries are still hesitant about implementing the video visitation for inmates, but it has a lot of advantages that should be considered. The article will highlight the key benefits of this type of visitation as opposed to the traditional type.

The cost of organizing an event where people visit their loved ones can be very expensive. This is because there will be a lot of human resources required on this specific day. There will be more people needed to coordinate the inspection of the people coming in, and there will also be a need for people who will monitor the visits. But when these visits are done through video, then the state does not need to have a lot of guards on duty. It will cost less, which is advantageous to the state.

Law enforcement can manage crime by monitoring these videos. A lot of crimes are organized by convicts through the people who visit them. If these visits are recorded and the conversations are also in a record, the law enforcement can monitor and identify communications that indicate that a crime is being organized. Also, when a case is under investigation, in law enforcement can actually get evidence from the communication between the convict and their loved ones.

You will be surprised to know that prisoners are sometimes caught with contraband items in their prison cells. These items are brought in by the people who visit them. When the visitations are done through online platforms, then there is no physical contact, and there will be no contraband that come into the prisons.

Convicts have families, and they are parents. When children go to prisons, they are exposed to an environment that is unsafe and intimidating. You will find that a lot of parents will prefer not to maintain contact with their kids because they do not want them in the prison environment. With videos, these parents can have contact with their kids while the kids are at the comfort of their homes.

Visitations are not regular, and the time is normally very short. This is because the government wants to reduce the amount spent on the event. But because the online program is cheaper, the state can organize more visits.

The safety of both the convicts and the visitors is at jeopardy when these visits are organized. But when the new system is adopted, both the inmates and their families are safe because there is no physical contact. They can communicate without them seeing each other or coming close to each other.

Although this system is beneficial, it is not structured to replace the conventional system. Prisoners need direct contact with their loved ones, and the traditional system offers them this contact. Instead, these video visitations should be used to complement the traditional system. The article offers you insight on how these visitations work and why your state should adopt them.

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