Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Moment Is Now When You Should Say No To Elder Abuse

By Frances Smith

You cannot bring the exploitation of the seniors to an end unless you initially learn how to identify the symptoms. Elder abuse may involve emotional, physical, or financial ill-treatment. Also, neglecting a senior can be categorized as abusive. Statistics have indicated abandonment and adverse effects as the most popular kind of mishandling that most of the elderly have to face. The fact that no action is being taken against these abusive acts can immensely damage the affected party. Here are various approaches that you can employ to make sure the exploitation of the seniors comes to an end.

Whenever you can visit the seniors in your family or within your community, talk to them and come up with a talk which can arouse the bitter feelings in them which may have been triggered as a result of the exploitation they have to stomach each day. Besides, you encourage them to take part in family events.

If you consider the changing times, our elderly beloved has lots to share with our children. Some of the currently learned histories took part in the early days when our seniors were young. Therefore, they have information about these events and can share with the young ones. Hence, you must train your kids to consider the seniors as a valuable asset they have in their life. Request the aged in your family to pass over some of their skills to the children such as cooking and knitting. Make them feel more of an asset rather than a liability.

More often, we hire caregivers to care for our aging parent. The task is not easy and comes with unique challenges that make the care provider to feel exhausted and stressed. Ideally, they need a break to re-energize and relax. Avail that for them.

Considering the many cases reported about financial exploitation of the aged, bank institutions should take swift action and gain relevant skills. Thus, get in touch with the manager of your bank to find out if they have their employees well versed enough to dictate a senior who is abused financially. If not, enlighten them on the importance of having their employees trained on how to recognize an elderly who are exploited financially.

You can also request your local media groups to create awareness about protecting the elderly against any ill-treatment. Also, reach out to the partners who handle matters related to senior maltreatment, to find how you can also be of help. Note, many aged persons are being abused because we are not taking the initiative to protect them from possible abusers.

Come up with posters with a message that encourages caring for the elderly and pin them on strategic locations. If there is a program in place, take part. In events where people are gathered together can be an ideal venue to create awareness. Request if you can be allocated time to give a speech about stopping ill-treatment amongst seniors.

Gatherings, where many people are expected, can be an ideal platform to educate and encourage many to stop any abusive acts towards our beloved seniors. You only have to design a message that will trigger the minds of people into doing the right things and protect the elderly. An internet site can as well go into great miles.

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