Monday, February 27, 2017

Make A Good First Impression With A Lubbock Commercial Printing Service

By Mary Badder

If you run a small business, you probably get your promotional products from companies like VistaPrint - which never seem to be of the best quality and tend to leave you feeling as if you are behind the big guys in terms of quality and professionalism. Getting that quality, though, requires massive offset print runs. Sound familiar? A Lubbock commercial printing service can offer you better.

Your printed promotional materials may be the first contact you have with a potential client. It is important that you have flyers, ads, letterhead, and business cards that stand out in a crowd. You do not want your direct mail postcard or flier to end up in the trash.

The best printers have employees that can guide customers through the design and ordering process. They are familiar with local businesses and can advise clients on current trends in their industry. They can help the client choose the right paper type, print type, font, and more. Large print companies have a difficult time providing the same kind of customized services for their clients.

Local businesses are dedicated to providing a high level of quality and customer service because they want to encourage customers to return for future print needs. Business owners can take advantage of their expertise in choosing the most effective promotional materials based on the customer's exact specifications. These small businesses cater specifically to other small companies by offering smaller print runs at affordable prices.

You should be able to get a batch as small as 50 - although with business cards it is often good to order more, especially if you do a lot of face to face networking.

Choosing the right promotional materials is challenging. Most business owners do not have the time necessary to worry about creating and ordering envelopes, notepads, letterhead, and other printed items. Local printers offer affordable solutions that will help any company make a great first impression.

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