Monday, February 6, 2017

What Are Foil Embossing Dies All About

By Frances Allen

Art is an awesome engagement. In case you desire to infuse visual effects to any of your art projects, inclining towards foil embossing dies would be your best bet. This is an ideal method to add a tad more of style be it for presentation folders, promotional material, among others. What is more, this is a good way to make sure that particular images and texts stand out since you have a variety of metals and colors to choose from.

If you are wondering what this process is all about, high pressure and a brass/copper die is used to come up with an elevated impression. The brass dies allow you to end up with high levels of embossing by having the paper raised to different heights.

This is idyllic in getting attractive 3D effects so as to ensure that your art project is nothing short of classy when compared to the rest. Addition of silver/gold makes your emboss even more unique now that this is a guaranteed method to have crucial details like logos, names, designs drawn out once the heated die fuses the foil and paper.

Hot stamping will work in your favor when it comes to getting a good result considering it helps bring out a distinct effect that metallic dies are unable to. Leading companies together with casinos have a soft spot for hot stamping reason being a positive result is assured.

We all love variety when in need of something and embossing dies never turn a blind eye to this. Metallic, matte, glossy, are among the many finishes that you can work with. You are even free to change the color no matter the imaging option you prefer. Most common is copper, brass, and magnesium die and each has its own set of benefits.

If for example durability is what you are looking for, brass is ideal thanks to its hardness in comparison to magnesium. Its lightness makes it flexible as well as pocket friendly when compared to copper. Durability is also assured with copper not to mention it has good heat conducting properties while magnesium fits the bill in case your budget is tight and the project is short term.

It is important to hand this job to someone that has learned the ropes in this sector because many are the mechanical issues that go into it that could easily affect quality. Make sure that you work with experienced personnel since they will offer guidance in areas such as which die will offer you the best result. They could additionally assist you figure out the best paper stock that will ensure the outcome is desirable. Disregarding this could be disastrous since your hard earned money might go down the drain.

Having your label stand out is definitely something that will leave you smiling as a Cheshire cat. Achieving this is not supposed to be an uphill task on the grounds that you can never go wrong with this method. The above discussed are reasons why this is true.

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