Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Homeless Outreach Programs And Their Advantages

By Richard Scott

Poverty is one of the most common issues that the world has been dealing with today. There are already a lot of ways which are being done in order to prevent them and help those people who are in need. It does not only affect those who are experiencing it but as well as everyone and the country. Two most common effects brought by poverty are illness and ignorance which are keeping people in their state.

The whole world has already been affected by this poverty issue and is becoming more and more prominent in different areas, specifically in most developing countries. People who are in poverty are not having the ability of providing themselves their basic needs, most especially home. It is a very sad feeling knowing that you have nowhere to go. Fortunately, many organizations have now been conducting programs on homeless outreach in Maui which have resulted to many advantages.

Aside from this, people may also turn to the homeless shelters and live there temporarily. These centers are provided for them to stay in a short period of time and until they can be able get up again. Many of them are taking advantage on the shelters since they know the place is safe for them to sleep. There are many different services being offered as well in these shelters which include soup kitchens and as well as job trainings.

The shelters are usually being provided by the non profit organizations and are often being associated with churches and with government. Homeless shelters are now gaining popularity in many different places. And because poverty rate has been growing continuously, the number of shelters will also be increased.

There are four different models and as well as management philosophies which serve as alternatives. First is the housing first practice. These temporary homes would act as emergency shelter systems which can hold only a fraction of a rapid increase in homeless population. It serves as an alternative to current networks. This program targets a large problem which is lacking the affordability of housing.

This methodology also attempts on placing homeless families back to their living as being independents directly. Fortunately, it became successful while being varied upon the fact in which the families have been more responsive in supporting the social services if they will be living with their own. With this, they are provided with 6 months up to a year of social service, crisis intervention, and affordable rentals.

Empowerment model. This is another alternative in which participants are being empowered and not serving clients. The main goal is becoming agents in own destinies and futures. In this model, to assist participants is the main focus for their rights to be accessed and responsibilities to be fulfilled as citizens. This may include financial contributions.

Religious shelters. These are often in coordination with multiple churches and also synagogue congregations. The purpose is for linking up to the opportunities of a nighttime shelter. These often have affiliations with the community service groups that are faith based.

Vehicle as a shelter. Some of the homeless would camp out using their cars in coordination and with the support from non profit groups. The individuals involved are those who cannot afford on paying for their mortgages and rents. One good thing here is they have support structures like insurances, jobs, and cars.

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