Friday, August 25, 2017

For Eye Exams Tulsa Oklahoma Is Worth Visiting

By Laura Rogers

Eye exams involve a series of tests that are performed on a person. This is done in order to assess their vision and ability to focus on discern objects. This tests are done by eye specialists which often include the ophthalmologist, optometrist or orthoptists. It is very important for people to have regular exams as part of their daily primary care routines. This enables early detection of treatable eye problems thus preventing blindness. When one need eye exams Tulsa Oklahoma deserves to be prioritized.

There are various reasons as to why it is important to get an eye exam. They help to detect early signs of serious health problems such as high blood pressure, risks of stroke and diabetes. This can be detected based on the appearance of the blood vessels and other structures within the eye.

Eye examination is vital especially for children. This helps them maintain good vision for attainment of full academic potential. The process of learning of children might be affected because by poor vision. This may lead to lower grades in school. Electronics are used by children in the present days. They use electronics when they are at tender age. Electronics can hinder their sight. Any possible problems can be detected and then treated after the eyes are screened.

Adults also need frequent checkups because one among the major causes of blindness is increase in age. If these conditions are detected early they can be treated to prevent possible blindness. As much as it is important to have frequent eye exams there are several factors that determine when one should see a specialist.

It is vital for children to have their eyes check by a specialist before they start learning. Children are able to learn more through seeing as opposed to hearing. A child should be examined if they have a history of low birth weight or premature birth. Also, a child should be taken for a checkup whenever their growth is slow or whenever they suffer from other physical illnesses or diseases. If the family has a history of eye problems, the child should be taken for screening too.

The examination process involves looking at visual acuity, visual field testing, external examination, refraction, ocular motility, and pupil function. Visual acuity involves the testing of how accurate the eyes are. In this a person is supposed to sit at a distance and observe a certain object. Refraction is an eye test that is conducted to check if one has myopia or any other eye defect.

It can be objective or subjective refraction. Pupil function is the test that is used to establish whether the pupil of the eye is in perfect condition. The size of the pupil is examined and how it reacts to different settings such as the reaction to light.

Visual field testing basically involves testing the extend of vision of the eye. A person is required to focus on different sizes of images to see if they are able to comprehend the image. And finally, the external examination of eyes which involves inspection of the outer components of the eye for any abnormalities.

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