Thursday, August 17, 2017

With Lasik Eye Surgery Brooklyn Patients Can Expect Improved Sight

By Jose Johnson

Sight is a precious gift. Without sight one is dependent upon other, one cannot enjoy the many pleasures of life that require the ability to see and one feels cut off from others. Thankfully, medical science have made very big strides and much can be done to help people that have very poor sight or even some that are totally blind. With lasik eye surgery Brooklyn patients can look forward to a new lease on life.

Laser treatment has become extremely commonplace. By 1998, more than 28 million patients have undergone this treatment. Not all patients will benefit. It is especially those with astigmatism and that suffer from far or near sightedness that benefit from this method. A laser is used to shape the cornea in order to allow incoming light to focus perfectly on the retina, located at the back of the eyes.

Laser treatment enjoys a very high patient satisfaction rate. More than ninety six percent say that they can almost not believe the improvement in their sight. In addition, most patients never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again. The treatment is not dramatic. In fact, it is performed under a local anaesthetic but some patients need to mildly sedated. Recovery takes just two days.

No surgical procedure is cheap, including laser treatment. However, for millions of patients the cost of the procedure simply cannot be compared with the joy of perfect or near perfect sight. There is simply no money value to be placed on the ability to watch a show, to visit a gallery or to participate in sport again. There are savings too, because most patients will not need new glasses or contact lenses every year or two.

Complications due to laser treatment are extremely rare, but no surgeon can ever guarantee that there will be no complications ever. There is always a small risk of infection, of course. Some patients report that their eyes are very dry after the treatment. This is effectively treated with drops. A small number of patients report visual distortions such as star bursts, halo effects and tunnel vision.

Much can be done to avoid complications from developing by strictly adhering to the instructions of the surgeon. Patients need to avoid bright light and wear dark glasses for a while. In most cases patients are advised to wear patches at night in order to avoid involuntary scratching of the eyes. Most patients need to complete a course of antibiotics. Complications are rare in patients that take these instructions seriously.

When choosing a surgeon it is vital to choose one that has extensive experience in the performance of this procedure. Not all specialists are trained in the use of the sophisticated laser treatment equipment. The surgeon should thoroughly evaluate the patient in order to determine whether he will indeed benefit from laser treatment and the patient should be fully informed about the potential risks.

Laser treatment has changed the lives of millions of people. The marvel at the fact that they can see clearly once more. The treatment is not painful and the recovery period is very short. Those that can benefit from this treatment should definitely consider it seriously.

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