Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things You Should Know About Moon Lander

By Brian Ross

Landers are spacecrafts made to descend towards astronomical body surfaces with a soft landing using airbag cushions, parachutes and rockets before an impact is made. They will remain functional after they land unlike impactors that lose their functions after surface impact. This is done for studying consequences when the area is hit by an object and what materials could be found there.

Numerous countries are developing vehicles like these so they can send them into space and study the different astronomical bodies surrounding the planet. Among them is the moon lander that could carry humans even on them with some successful results. Asteroids, comets and other planets have been landed by these machines they still are unmanned ones.

The United States is the first and only country to successfully send humans to moon beginning with Apollo 11 and followed by five others. Other countries have sent their own spacecrafts to the lunar surface but these are unmanned. These missions allow them to bring back materials which scientists on Earth can study to learn more about.

The mission of Apollo 11 was broadcast in live television with a worldwide audience seeing the first steps made by humans there. The space race was ended because of this success between the rival countries of Russia and United States which were racing for first manned exploration there. Although some skeptics are there and believed that moon landing was faked.

These claims were based on photographs released that astronauts took which they think were manipulated because of impossible things that seemed to happen. One sample is the flag erected there was flapping just like with the wind though no air is present there. The flag flapped because when the astronauts erected it, it resulted to have an inertia.

Another is when the photographs show both astronauts that landed on moon which indicates there is a cameraman taking these for them. This claim is explained away by having cameras on the lander and the chest of their spacesuits. Mysterious reflections are also said to come from studio light which actually were lens flare only.

Stars are invisible also because of too much sunlight reflection on the lunar surface which the cameras could not pick up because of fast shutter speed they had. Shadow inconsistencies are explained away with having multiple light sources which are not production set lights. These sources are reflected sunlight from the Earth and surrounding satellites as well as the sun itself.

The mission also brought back many evidences which the non believers say are manufactured although independent parties verified their authenticity. These include lunar rocks consistent with those discovered here that fell down years ago on Earth. And space agencies from other countries released their reports during the time they were tracking down this mission progress.

They claim also that the most powerful and biggest telescope on Earth should have the ability of seeing the spacecrafts there now. This is impossible due to the great distance between although a spacecraft orbiting the moon recently released pictures. These shows the various spacecrafts on lunar surface and have better image resolution.

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