Friday, April 13, 2018

Looking For Good Local Movers

By Martha Thomas

Very few people stay in the same home for their entire lives. People move for work, to go to college, to get a larger living space or to downsize once the kids have left home. Whatever the reason for the change, finding good local movers can make the process stress free.

Moving to college from the parental home or out of a fully furnished house, your things may all fit in the trunk of the car or a pickup. However, most moves involve large items of furniture and the multitude of possessions everyone acquires through their lives. Professional moving companies can handle all these situations providing help and advice along the way.

Whenever you to hire a tradesman or contractor, you will find some are not as reputable or reliable as others. There are horror stories of furniture held to ransom or simply disappearing. These companies normally offer really cheap deals and will not offer correct insurance so if your stuff is lost you will not receive any compensation.

All reputable companies should be registered with a trade association; in the United States there are some state associations as well as the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). Pick several companies which are registered and get quotes from each to compare prices for the service you want. Check each quote is like for like such as are boxes included or the cost of insurance.

It is vital that you have adequate insurance for your possessions. Even the most careful staff might damage a precious vase or in the worst case a road traffic accident could leave your things burning on the highway. If you have items that are irreplaceable or of great sentimental value it is worth packing and moving them yourself. Keep important documents with you as well as they can be difficult to replace if lost or damaged.

Many companies will quote based on the weight of things being moved or the size and number of trucks you need. Once you know you are moving clear out any rubbish or unwanted items to cut down on costs. Moving is an excellent time to declutter your life and clean out garages, attics and basements.

You will need to decide which kind of service you require from your moving company. The bare minimum would be to load your things onto a truck and unload it the other end. At the other end of the spectrum, absolutely everything is done for you. Most people end up somewhere in the middle packing some items themselves and leaving larger items and breakables to the moving crew.

When you are making your final choice remember to check they are registered with the AMSA or similar. Check they have been in business for at least a few years and can provide reviews or references from satisfied customers. Most of all check the insurance and that their staff are competent and experienced not simply temporary workers brought in for the day. If you have an item such as a piano this will require a specialist moving company.

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