Thursday, April 5, 2018

Safeguard Customer Information With Atlanta Total Merchant Services

By Jaxson N. Renderos

One of the biggest parts of owning your own business is how to collect money from customers. If you have a brick and mortar store, they may insist on paying with cash or debit, while some people stick to old fashioned checks. You must be able to accommodate them all if you wish to stay in business. That is why you need an Atlanta total merchant services company on your side.

Some customers may still use cash or checks, but the vast majority prefer to use their debit or credit cards. If you do not have a system to accept these, then you will likely lose business, which is another reason to use a merchant service to set things up.

For websites, a virtual system needs to be set up. This means good software that is secure, on a website that is also secure. A good merchant service can provide encryption that ensures your customer information is safe from hackers. The same program can also set up recurring billing in case the customer wants monthly or periodic deliveries, such as subscription boxes.

Should you have an actual store where customers visit and buy, then they will expect that you have a card reader to take their debit and credit cards. You can get standard ones, or the newer ones that accept cards with a built-in chip for extra security, or even the ones where they just have to touch the card to the terminal.

You will need a way to wring up the purchases before the customer can even pay. If you have your own PC or Mac, the merchant service can sell you software to install. If not, they can often supply the computer as well if you need it.

There is more to running a successful business than just having a good payment system. You have to lure customers to purchase in the first place. This means offering incentives or even contests, and the best prize you can offer is a gift card. A merchant service can provide you with store gift cards to encourage new customers to shop your store and find things that they want. They can also start a loyalty program for you as well, complete with cards and key rings that customers can use each time they buy from you.

As for checks, there is new equipment that can secure the money for you immediately. This helps ensure that no checks come back as unpayable. You can accept checks without worrying that they will be returned, which would cost your business a lot of lost time and money.

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