Saturday, August 3, 2019

Letter Opener Envelope Slitter Versions

By Ryan Davis

Everyone receiving mail from a friend. The thrill provided is phenomenal, especially in this day of texting and emailing. People are used to getting bills and advertisements, but the personal letter is something to cherish. Letter opener envelope slitter styles are wide ranging. They're very useful because they prevent paper cuts and make opening correspondence fast and easy.

Businesses with a lot of mail should use an electronic system. The automatic openers come in several styles but use the same basic method. Put a stack a envelopes in the hopper and press the start button. In a very short time, the mail slides through, one at a time, and the top is cut off leaving the internal contents untouched. This makes it easy to save the envelopes and easily retrieve what is in them.

Sword styled openers are fun and stylish. Miniature versions of both famous or popular styles are available. They are usually about the size of a small dagger but resemble their larger versions. Most are styled after Japanese or European swords. Some are made in the shape of those found in popular games. You can easily impress friends when you pull one of these out to open your mail.

Antique or wooden versions are very elegant. These are usually made from nice solid wood and are often found in high end offices where they easily match the style of the desk and other implements. The handles often have intricate designs on the handles. They're sturdy and can be passed from one generation to the next. They also make a great gift for a boss or an important business person.

Magnetic envelope slitters are often used as promotional items. These are made from plastic with a small blade. The tip slides into the envelope making it easy to open. A company logo or business card can be printed on the item. They're also small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. They are often found stuck to cubical walls and refrigerators.

Smaller box cutter style openers are great for industrial offices. With a design that is nearly identical to the larger box cutters, these make a great gift for a warehouse manager or assistant. They have a break away, the retractable blade just like larger cutters. Because they resemble the larger version they cannot be carried on airplanes.

Many of the styles can be used as promotional items. The small magnetic versions are very popular for this use. Because they have a square or rectangle face, the company logo and information can easily be printed on them. Other styles can also have logos printed on the handles. As an item that is used nearly every day, they are excellent sources that keep your company information in front of your customer.

Opening letters is easy with these items. Not only do you prevent paper cuts, but you also do not end up destroying the envelope the correspondence came in. It is often important to save the envelope in business situations to retain the post mark date. Whether personalized, promotional, sophisticated, or automatic, these save time and money and can make a statement.

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