Thursday, August 8, 2019

Tips For Positioning Donor Recognition Wall

By Sarah Wilson

Displaying the list of contributors in your fundraising campaign can be a better way of establishing their legacy in your structure. Apart from this, you inspire other potential contributors to donate more when you recognize the efforts of those who contributed earlier. It is even better when you let people who are utilizing the building realize those who contributed to its establishment. Therefore, to enable several people to access the Donor recognition wall, check on the following considerations in its designing and set up.

Check if the place is strategically located. The site should be located at a strategic point where several viewers can access it without difficulties. This will ensure that no one is disadvantaged in any way from reaching the display. This means that the pace chosen should not be private or one where access is restricted.

The most strategic places which you may find appropriate for setting up the display include the centralized point of the building where most activities are carried out, for example in busy sites such as conference halls. Main entrances and exits too can serve the purpose adequately because they are associated with a large number of people. Therefore, the plaque may attract the attention of passersby when it is appropriately designed.

Confirm the list of contributors. You need to be aware of the total number of contributors for you to come up with a reasonable size of the display. The essence of this is to avoid cases where some contributors are not included in the list because the show failed to accommodate all of them. Therefore, when the listing is long considered coming up with a more significant plaque.

Check the chances of updating the list in the future. There is a probability of expanding the inventory in the future when the building is not complete yet there is a need to campaigning for additional funds. Therefore, the list should be flexible enough to accommodate future expansions and any relevant changes that might occur.

Ensure you find out which elements are to be included in the plaque. Different people have adopted various styles of designing the display. Depending on several factors such as the willingness of the contributor to be recognized in particular perspectives, you might find some of their details withheld for their reasons.

This vital information that should not miss on the plaque includes the name and title of the contributor, the year in which the contribution or the construction was done, the name of the organization or building together with its logo, and the amount contributed by each member. The donated amount is an optional element, and you are free to choose whether to include it in the list or not.

Check the language you choose to use. The writing and the tone chosen should be that which suggest gratefulness and appreciation of the contributor's efforts. This is achieved by highlighting the achievements of the contributor rather than yours. It makes the benefactor feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, you are expected to choose an appropriate tone to communicate your intended information to various audiences to prevents cases of misinterpretation of your intended message.

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