Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ways To Use A Digital Donor Wall

By Joshua Kelly

When you work for a nonprofit, you understand the huge amount of work to keep the organization going financially. Serving the community can be expensive and requires a lot of effort in creating the programs to serve and raising money to keep things going. Part of the funds come from donations provided through various fundraising events. To recognize those that have helped and provide information on the events, using a digital donor wall is a great method. This gives you the ability to provide live updates and put the information out directly.

Using the electronic display allows the organization to update fund raising efforts and goals. As donations come in, the goals can be updated to reflect this and show how close they are to receiving enough for a special project. The ability to provide these updates is a great way to keep the efforts front and center and make it so people don't need to ask how it is going.

Interactive displays are a great way to provide information. If the goals are displayed and the board is a touch screen, anyone can click on a fund raising display to get more information. This can include photos of the people that will be helped, a storyboard that tells how the money will be spent, and other types of information can be included to help people make the decision. Interactive displays are much better than simple pamphlets because they are engaging.

A scrolling list can be included. High-level donors can be highlighted on the screen. For more information on each one, viewers can click the names. They can also scroll through as more names are added to the list. This has a benefit over static plaques and other displays because the new names are easily added.

Creating a presentation can up the game. Paper presentations are static and not easy to update and get in the hands of the people that need new information. Having a moving presentation lets people see updates and new information about the efforts and stages of the projects. If there are special events coming up, they can easily be added to the board.

Upcoming events can be advertised. New fundraising efforts, community events, and other projects can be added to a calendar page or one that shows the events of the organization. This will help keep people informed without the added expense of creating a lot of pamphlets to show what is going on. Getting the word out will help attendance and other work.

Awards and achievements can be put on display. Service goals, contests, and other events often end with awards and certifications. Adding the photos of the event and handing out the awards can highlight the ongoing events at the group. This encourages people to participate by showing what is going on and how people are rewarded for participating.

It is important to get information out to people who are supporting your organization. This information needs to be updated constantly and can be very expensive to do when it involves a lot of mailers and creating pamphlets. However, with the electronic display, you can provide these updates, correct information, and show achievements with ease.

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