Sunday, January 20, 2019

4 Reasons Why Gas Flaring Can Cause A Dilemma

By Timothy Butler

Nowadays, the production of gases and oils have certainly improved. Those resources became essential in the community, thus it helps as well in making a certain economy developed. This had started more than thousand years ago and ancient people have discovered how it could help them in their lives. And so, they developed drilling techniques to generate those resources. Until know, that technique still existed knowing that many industries are still catering and producing electricity, water and oil. For that reason, it became so important to humanity. However, they should also know some precautions when working in that kind of environment since there might be physical hazards that could harm the workers when they work on compliant gas flares.

This modern community needs those resources like water, electricity and oil. And of course, it requires some methods to acquire it. Drilling is one those methods needed. In addition, operating it can also be quite dangerous especially when the operator is not an expert. Moreover, flaring is also needed for that method since it incinerates the waste gases. It also keep the people manoeuvring and the device safe.

Although, it does not really helps in promoting a clean environment. When burning those natural gases, it results in releasing more carbon dioxide. But on the other hand, it makes those contaminants less toxic. Furthermore, this equipment is needed to ensure the safety of the equipment as well as the people who are operating on it.

Some might say they certainly require it for protection and safety. But you cannot always rely on it because danger might occur unexpectedly. What would happen if it suddenly malfunctioned? It would certainly be a dilemma. Furthermore, these statements below are also the reason.

First of all, this method discharges methane which is a greenhouse gas. You know how it could harm this planet. It takes in the heat of the sun which causes the atmosphere to warm. For that reason, this could certainly contribute the risk of global warming, which is really dangerous.

Two, it actually can harm the humans as well. Whenever there are residents near that well that being flared, they will surely experience some negative effects from it. Those could be nausea, loss of coordination, dizziness, vomiting and headaches. Some victims also reported that it can cause lung and skin problems when being exposed too much.

Third, agriculture will suffer from that. Acid rain happens and sometimes the cause of that came from gas flaring. You know how acid rain can be dangerous because it acidifies the lakes and the soil. It ruins the vegetation and depletes the nutrients from the soil. Crops will grow unhealthy or die from it.

Four, pollution is the product. As many people keep on promoting a safe and clean environment, it seemed it would not work if this flaring will continue. Water surfaces will get affected because of muds and oils coming from drilling. Most importantly, the air will as well be polluted.

Some may find this method unnecessary. But maybe other technologies there can be a good alternative for this equipment. Furthermore, people should find another way in which the environment as well as the humans will not be harmed.

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