Sunday, January 27, 2019

Benefits Of A Secure Document Management System Philadelphia PA Companies Have Adopted

By Frances Sanders

Documents, paper and electronic, are a big part of any business. It can be a challenge for owners and managers to handle all the paperwork. Storing, retrieving, and capturing that information with a secure document management system Philadelphia PA companies recommend has a lot of benefits. It frees up office space, provides more security, is easier to retrieve, makes employee collaboration easier, and makes disaster recovery and backup much more efficient.

Office space is expensive. Filling it up with filing cabinets, boxes, and storage crates isn't the most efficient use of it. When the majority of your documents are stored electronically, you will be amazed at the extra space you have to reconfigure employee workstations. There may be some documents you are required to keep a hard copy of. For that paperwork, you can always rent space off site or place in a vault.

Company documents that are sensitive in nature, and need to out of reach of most of the employees, are more easily secured with electronic systems. It is possible to create multiple tiers of security that allow only those employees who have security clearances to view any sensitive material. Electronic systems will track the employees who try to view documents and when they tried to access them. Technicians can set up the system to alert management whenever someone tries to access particular documents, as soon as it happens.

Employees waste valuable company time looking for paper documents. Companies lose twenty dollars every time an employee looks for a paper file, one hundred twenty dollars when the employee has to look for a misfiled document, and two hundred twenty dollars every time an employee has to search for a lost file. Documents that took an hour and a half to locate will be used for approximately ten minutes.

Electronic documents can be retrieved using a word or a phrase. You can retrieve the full text or only the portion that pertains to what you are doing. You don't have to be in the office to retrieve electronic files. After your system is set up, it's possible to access company documents from anywhere in the world.

It is a lot easier for employees to collaborate when they are sharing data electronically. You will eliminate the necessity for standing at the copy machine making copies to be handed out in the boardroom. All the employees who have clearance to view documents are able to watch a presentation whether they are actually in the boardroom or not. Changes and corrections can be made by several employees at one time. These amendments can then be viewed by managers for inclusion, further amendments, or rejection.

Any management system will have a backup and recovery plan. This way you will never have a situation, be it weather related, a case of theft, or just misfiling, where your invaluable company documents are irretrievably lost. There are multiple ways electronic data can be traced and tracked.

Company time is valuable. The time your employees spend looking for paper files, filing, and making copies of paper files is time that could be spent more productively. A good electronic management system will increase productivity, security, and efficiency.

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