Friday, January 18, 2019

The Importance Of Using Appropriate Dispensing Needle

By Larry Watson

No matter what you are doing it is always safer and convenient to use the appropriate materials for a certain task especially if it involves health concerns. Health care specialists always make sure to have accuracy and precision in their performance in handling their patience as it is a dangerous obligation and the actions they do for this includes strict use of the right tools even the tiniest ones like the needles. The importance of using appropriate dispensing needle is what we should take note of especially those who are to pursue related professions.

People pay the hospitals to help them recover from their illnesses and injuries. Many are willing to give up all their possessions just for the service especially if it is a life and death matter. Given all these statements, we understand how big it of a responsibility nurses and doctors have to carry with them every single day.

Just like all the other professions, there are several factors that must be strictly practiced in doing their job. The complicated part about their job is that a single mistake could cause a life of a person. No wonder why doctors take up ten and more years to complete their studies.

The details of the complaint include the inability of the nurse to find his vein resulting to a lot of needle poking on his skin which stressed the patient out. This matter could be blamed to the inability of the nurse to perform her job as she was trained to do but this could also be because the nurse is using the wrong needle.

Medical needles come in different types depending on how it appears to be. Its length and size corresponds to its use. The needle is what enters the skin and where the fluid passes therefore it must be cleaned well at all times and made sure that there are no rusts. It should also not be reused because it might sicken the next user.

The distinct characteristics of these needles are not for aesthetic purposes only. Each is meant for a certain use, for a certain vein. The needles are divided into three different parts namely the tip which is what slits the skin as the whole body of the injection called the shaft. The upper part is which connects the needle into the syringe is called the hub.

As we all know, most of these needles are made of stainless steel and its differences in its size, length and shape are what varies its uses. One type of needle is called the hypodermic needles which are meant for both injecting and extracting of fluids. This type is the most common of all as it is used for a lot of different things such as running a test on a sample liquid and many others.

Dialysis fistula needles, from the name itself are meant for dialysis. It is important to be specific on using this because it could contribute to the safety and comfort of the patients. Spinal needles are obviously used for spinal related injections. Given that these needles come in different sizes, we understand that each one serves its own purpose.

There are many other types of needles and it is important to know about them in order to avoid risks. One should not be ignorant about these matters even if you are not medical specialists. We all have the responsibility of knowing what is best for us.

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