Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Video Visitation For Inmates: Why The Government Should Have This System

By Catherine Barnes

When a new system is introduced it is met by a lot of opposition. This is because people are afraid of change. This system has been embraced by a lot of communities but there are still some states that are hesitant because they do not understand how this system will be beneficial to them. To shine some light on this issue, the article will discuss this Video Visitation for Inmates system and how it will be beneficial to your country.

Prisoners will need to join the community after they have served their term. For them to join the community without an issue they need to be in communication with their friends and family. It can be hard for their families to visit them if they leave far away. Also, it can be very costly for them. To increase acceptance the government needs to find a way to ensure that these people communicate. When they use videos then regardless of the distance they can communicate.

The government uses a lot of funds to feed and take care of the people who are incarcerated. Organizing visits also take a lot of money and this is because the government has to ensure that they have people to monitor the visits. Therefore, it is cheaper to have these people use videos as opposed to the physical visits.

The cost of organizing a visitation is a lot. The government has to organize the way in which these prisoners will be moved and also they have to hire more people to oversee the entire procedure. This can be very costly. But when the process is through videos then they do not have to incur a lot of expenses. Once they set up the system that is it. All they need to have is a good internet connection.

An inmate is not allowed to have things like drugs while they are incarcerated. However, there cases where you find that an inmate has these things. They are brought to them by the people who visit them. When the visit is conducted by videos then there is no physical contact between the inmate and the family or friends and they can therefore not exchange anything illegal.

Visiting a loved one is cell is very hectic because of the time that you spend in the queues. Also, it is not a good environment to have kids and young ones. When the visitation is done through videos then you can have your children join without any hesitation. You will also not experience any queuing.

The government organizes very few visits because of the cost that is associated. There needs to be a lot of staff involved in this process. But when the process is done through a call, then the government can allow for any visits.

Every incarcerated individual has the right to be visited. But these visits can be hard to organize. The article indicates why the use of a new system will increase the efficiency of the normal system and make these visits more cost friendly and more frequent. Governments should introduce this system. It is good for the inmates and for the government. The article should be used as a reference for the advantages of this system.

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